Thursday, August 14, 2008

Monster Mama

Max is getting to be such a kid! He has been sleeping in a "BIG BOY" bed for about six months and has done really well with it. He loves it, but every once in a while we have a hard time trying to get him to stay in bed. Last week I was trying to put him to bed, I could tell he wasn't tired yet so I read a story to him. The rule is that while I read he has to lay down, he can' get up. For some reason he kept sitting up and trying to stand up...keeping himself awake. He fights sleep so hard! Anyway, I said to him at least five times "Max, lay down. I am not going to read until you lay down." This went on and on-every few minutes he was up again-so I finally looked at him and all I said was "MAX" and he looked right back and me and in a deep, husky, monstrous voice he said "LAY DOWN!" I couldn't believe it! He was mocking me-not to mention he thinks I sound like a mean monster! Is this what I sound like to him all the time? I was completely horrified.

I told this story to my family and they thought it was Hilarious, until- Max and I went to McDonald's with my sister Cari and her son Hudson. While we were there Hudson kept getting himself into trouble-Cari kept telling him to "sit down and eat your food." By about the third or fourth time Max looked at Cari then at Hudson and in his monster voice said "sit down Hudson." I could not stop laughing!

About two days after this little incident Max and Hudson were playing at their Nana's house and Hudson hit Max (it is always a debate as to who will hit who first). Cari ran over and told Hudson to "Say sorry, Max." Max looked at Hudson and said "Sorry Hudson." Cari felt horrible! At least I am not the only one with a horrid monster voice. Now after Max gets into trouble I sit down with him and tell him over and over how much I love him-and I try to explain (the best you can to a two year old) why he got in trouble. I hope he understands and doesn't think that I am some horrible, nasty, monster!


Emily Asay said...

Thats so funny!I'm sure Ihave a monster voice too, STETSON'S just too young to mimick it. :)

Lauren said...

Hey, Jamie! I found your blog through Emily's! Your little Max is so cute. We have a blog Keep in touch.

The Banks Family (Michelle) said...

Hey Jamie!!
I found you! your blog looks great. Have lots of fun with it!!

Shana said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this story! If I had a dollar for every instance like this I've had with Alyssa...lets just say I'd be a really rich girl! :)


Laurel said...

Well, mommas HAVE to have monster voice at least once in a while 'cause they tune your nice voice out. Don't feel bad. You're normal. And probably a whole lot nicer than your aunt Laurel. :0)

Laurel said...

P.S. Love the dog, AND I forgot to tell you that I love you!