Sunday, August 31, 2008


Okay...I haven't blogged in quiet a while, but I really think I have a good excuse. I have had something driving me crazy-it completely took over all of my spare time. I lost our camera! I know! I can't believe it either. I am usually not the type of person who misplaces things or looses them. I know I am not that kind of person because I am constantly checking and double checking to make sure I have everything. I looked everywhere for it! I tore my house apart, the cars, the garage...I even recruited my sister Lauren to jump on her electric scooter and drive the streets of Cowley in search of it. Seriously!
The last time I had it was August 8th, it was a Friday morning. Charlie and Max were leaving to go golfing, I walked outside to help get Max into the car and I had to run back in and get my camera. It was so cute, they were both standing between the cars with their golf bags all set up, fixing their clubs. I had to get a picture-and I did. It is what happened to it after that, that I can't figure out. I think I may have set it on top of the car...which Charlie drove to Powell. YIKES!
I had been hoping that after my searching had failed the camera would somehow magically appear. I-being the idiot that I am-was so embarrassed that I lost it, I didn't really ask around thinking that if someone found it and it was miraculously still intact they would recognize us in our pictures and bring it back. I searched for about two weeks and realized that it was gone. I had my Dad order me a new one-we were going on vacation and needed one ASAP. However, last Sunday we were sitting on our back deck and John Barnes and his wife drove by and asked us if we had lost a camera-they recognized our deck from the pictures in the camera. They went home and got it.
I now believe what had happened was that I had left it on top of the Yukon and it fell off on the way to Mom's house-on Hinckley's corner. Howard Keebler, Mom and Dad's new neighbor, saw it and took it into the town office. The battery was missing at the time-apparently Howard went back to the spot he found the camera and looked for the battery and actually found it! The camera didn't have a scratch on it! The battery has seen better days-but it still works! (When I get home from our vacation I will put up my "last" picture-the one that did my camera in.) Only in Cowley, Wyoming would someone go to such lengths for someone they didn't even know. We are so lucky that in the 'world' around us today we are surrounded by wonderful, honest people. I really am truly grateful for the life we are able to have here.


Emily Asay said...

Awwww...I'm so glad u have your camera back!! that is totally something i would do (leave it on the car)

Shana said...

That is such a hilarious story...and also so true. That would only happen in a great small community like Cowley, WY. In a big city, someone would have been like, "'s my lucky day, I get a new camera!"
I'm glad you didn't have to admit defeat on your camera search after all! :)

Love ya!