Friday, November 13, 2009


A few weekends ago we took Max and Kaysie to their first UW Football game. Max absolutely loves to watch football on TV, so we really thought he'd have a great time. Charlie and I were a little excited too, we haven't been back to Laramie since we graduated a few years ago.

We (I mean Charlie) decided to leave at 5 am and drive straight to the game. We had hoped that our little ones would sleep most of the way-like I said we hoped. I think Max slept for maybe an hour...he was way too excited. We sat through Wyoming's beating we didn't realize that they weren't even going to score ONE point against the "stinking BYU guys." (Max's quote) After sitting through a terrible game and great weather we went to our hotel for a quick nap.
Max thought our hotel was a "beautiful house," he wanted to stay there "for lots of long times." After our very quick rest we headed back to campus to take in a UW Basketball game. Thank you Cowboys for getting at least one win for us! Max and I spent almost the entire first half of the basketball game chasing Pistol Pete down. Charlie thought we were hilarious-he said he'd watch us pop out of an entrance tunnel just in time to see Pistol Pete moving to the next section. Max kept telling me I wasn't going fast enough-so we ended up running a few times. By the time we tracked Pistol Pete down he was right in front of our seats! We could have just waited patiently at our seats and still have met him. (but then I wouldn't have been put in the running for Mom of the Year! ;) It made Max's whole weekend-he enjoyed meeting Pistol Pete far and above anything else we did.

Go Pokes! Great win last weekend-let's do it again!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy (Belated) Halloween!

I know it's a little late but I couldn't let Halloween get too far in the past without saying Happy Halloween to everyone...Halloween is Max's favorite holiday so we were kept pretty busy. Here are my excited Trick-or-Treaters
Here are the final results of our yearly Pumpkin Carving Contest. Charlie's turned out so neat that Max (once again showing that he is a fair weather fan) ditched our pumpkin and claimed Charlie's!