Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Being Tired

This morning we had the privilege of attending a wonderful birthday breakfast for one of Max's great friends. We were so happy that Blake decided to share his special day with us. I can't believe he is three already, that means Max's third is creeping up on us!

Max was so excited the night before (he loves going to Blake's house) that he had a hard time staying in bed. I kept reminding him that we had to get up real early so he needed a lot of sleep...and if he woke up grouchy he wasn't going to go-that finally did the trick, he forced himself to sleep.

When I went in this morning to wake him up I said, "Good morning. Do you want to get up and get ready to go to Blake's?" He rolled over and through tired, half slit eyes he looked at me and said, "I'm like Wall-E," and he rolled back over with a moan. I asked him what he was talking about, while trying to make sense of what he just said. Then he turns over again and says, "I'm like Wall-E, ugh." As he is saying this he is acting like he can't really get his arms to move...it was just too long (or too short) of a night.

It is at this point I realize what he means and I can't stop laughing. One of his favorite parts in the movie Wall-E is when Wall-E wakes up and is so tired that he can't hardly function and begins to moan and groan until he can get outside to charge his battery.

Only my son would remember this minor detail and use it in his own little world. He really summed it up right though, there are days I feel just like Wall-E too. If you have seen the movie you know what I am talking about-those mornings that come way too soon!

Thank you Megan and Blake for a fun morning! We had a great time, it was all Max talked about the rest of the day.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quick update...

After a 45 minute ultrasound we are positive that we are having a baby GIRL! Can you believe it? We can't! Our little girl was moving and kicking like crazy, she even got the hiccups- so the radiologist reassured me that if there was something there to see- we would have seen it. Instead we saw a line, or in their words "the hamburger."

(I know what happened to Emily and her beautiful/handsome Stetson, so I am still a little hesitant-even after two ultrasounds saying she's a girl.)

Max is now excited to have a baby sister, but he is still insisting on the name Mason...sometimes Mason gets switched with Spider-man, or Chris Cooley-but most of the time she's still baby Mason. We have determined that girl names are way harder to pick out that boy names, but what do we know...our son shares his name with most people's dogs!! haha

Thanks for sharing in our excitement! It was so fun to read all of your thoughts and well wishes.