Sunday, August 16, 2009


First I'd like to thank everyone that left me feedback about their double stroller situations...I know you have all saved me a lot of back aches and trouble! In case you care-I ordered and already received and used the Joovy caboose...the one Tina recommended. It is really nice-it's not any heavier than my graco one-seater and it folds flatter!

Anyway...Our summer-so far-has consisted of a few main events.

The first of course was the arrival of Kaysie! I think we are still getting used to having Kaysie around. She is a great baby, she is so quiet I worry that I am going to forget about her! Max is a super big brother...he would and does do anything for her!

The second event wasn't a happy one...well for Max anyway. Our "beloved" fish (that's right I said fish) died. We had this same fish for over two years! (one year shy of Max's to him it's been around forever.) The day it died I decided it would be best to tell Max what had happened. As I proceeded to tell him his first words were, "Can I see it?" Charlie and I then assumed that this would be an easy conversation and an easy "good bye." We were wrong! After Max looked at Fishy and realized he was really dead-he lost it. He began to cry and sob...I couldn't believe it. This was over a fish-how attached can you really get to a fish? Apparently more than I gave Max credit for. After a long discussion of Fishy going to Heaven to be with Heavenly Father Max seemed okay. We then had a burial at sea (toilet). Throughout the next few days Max would have a breakdown here and there and cry for his Fishy. When the breakdowns began to subside he liked to talk about Fishy going to see Heavenly Father....then one afternoon as Max was finishing up in the bathroom he shot this question at me: "We flushed Fishy for him to go to Heaven. Do my poops go to Heaven too?" YIKES! That was a whole different conversation-I'll spare you those details! Max has let Fishy go...I honestly couldn't believe he was so upset-he fed him every morning and said goodnight to him at night-that was as deep as that relationship went! I hope and pray that nothing ever happens to Buzz! Buzz is Max's true companion.
Our third event...SWIMMING LESSONS! Max was absolutely terrified of water-but he did it! He had to have pep talks every morning before we left for lessons, but he did it. He got in and tried everything! I couldn't be more proud of him...if you only knew how he feared water. He used to freak in the tub if water splashed his face! Now he wants to take a shower! I don't think he would have been so successful in his lessons if he hadn't had such great teachers that he trusted completely. Yeah for Tracy! (and goggles)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stroller Dilemma

I have a few questions for anyone who has ever had or ever used a double stroller. Did you like it-or not like it? What kind did you get?

I am looking into buying a double stroller for my two kiddos. Max lost his opportunity to walk through the stores the second he did it-I realized that without the Dad around (or an extra eye from the Nana), Max really needs to be contained in the stores. He is so small I loose him very quickly and that terrifies me-I am a worrier about kids being stolen. (I still worry that I might get stolen -crazy I know-but it is true.-Thanks Mom!)

I have been very close to buying the Graco dou glider-I like that it is tandem (easier to get through shopping racks) and it can hold a baby carrier-for the littlest one. I just don't know if Max is too big for it already-in his eyes anyway. I have also seen the Sit-n-stand-which would be great for Max...but I am not sure about Kaysie. The front bar has to be removed and replaced in order to put the baby carrier on. I didn't think this would be bad- I thought I'd just lay Kaysie in it- but apparently it doesn't lay flat and she can't sit up yet... blah, blah, blah!

So I have a dilemma on my hands. I don't want to spend a fortune on a stroller when I have a great one kid seater and I don't know how long I'll need a double. If anyone has had experience with any kind of double stroller-please let me know.