Friday, August 8, 2008

First Time Blogger

I love being able to check on my family and friends through their blogs and one of my favorite things to do is blog surf, so I thought I would give the family blog a try.
Charlie's family has a cabin up by Sunlight and we were all able to spend this last weekend up there. It was so beautiful, we had a great time with Charlie's family. Max had a great time, he has been begging to go fishing all summer. We finally went and he loved it! Max's Uncle Andy was standing next to Max as he was catching fish and would let Max touch them. Max was so excited-then Andy asked if Max wanted to throw it back in and, of course Max said yes. Andy put the fish in his hand and it wiggled. Max dropped it-luckily in the water. He was so excited he was telling everyone that he "dropped fish in the water." By the end of the day his story had gotten a little braver and a little bigger and his story was he "throwed the fish in the water!" He is such a tough guy! He is definenatley a Peterson/Cooley-the bigger the story the better!
We have a great little spot we hike down to fish at-there is a little sandy beach that the kids like to play in. Max took his shoes off and would walk into the water. I had to keep rolling his pants up higher and higher because he kept getting braver and braver and would go deeper into the water. The whole time we were there fishing I kept thinking-Man I can't believe that Max hasn't fallen in yet. He was playing pretty wildly in the mud and water. Not two minutes before we were ready to head out-Max fell head first into the water! I thought we were going to have to hike out with a naked baby. Luckly Kinley had an extra pair of shorts for him to wear. I don't know what would have been worse, a naked baby or my little boy wearing girly shorty shorts! We let his shirt dry a bit and stuck it back on. He had a lot of fun. He has told everybody that "My Daddy catch a lot of fish!" I am glad we took the time to take him up there, we need to do it again soon.

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