Monday, August 11, 2008

Guess what we did!!!

We got a stinkin' dog. It's pretty cute, it is a schnoodle. Half schnauzer, half poodle. I do like dogs-but I wasn't ready to bring one into our "new" house. My Uncle Mike came across a really cute puppy and brought it over for Max to see. (Max has been telling everyone that he wants a puppy.) We were not home to see it, we were at the course Cari saw it and fell in love! When we got home from the cabin Cari brought it over to show Max. Max immediately wanted it. He kept asking Cari "Max hold it, please?" If anyone would have seen him with that dog, their hearts would have melted. You see, every night Max asks Charlie for a "puppy, please Daddy, please." Every night Charlie says "absolutely not, but thanks for asking." He's got such a cold heart! So that night Max and I were a little broken hearted that we did not have a dog.

I got up the next day and started to read about this particular kind of dog and got even more sad because they are supposed to be great with kids, they do not shed, etc, etc. It would be the perfect dog-if we were looking for one. Then Mom called, she had found the guy who was selling them-actually he ended up giving them away-but she called him, he had two dogs left. I called Charlie, he said "I really don't want one, but.." That 'but' was all I needed. I called the guy and we met that afternoon.

When Max and I were looking at the two puppies- one puppy darted out of the kennel and chased Max around. The other was very timid and stayed in the kennel and waited us out. I thought-"oh that's the one I want-he'll just lay around and be calm." I asked Max which one he wanted and of course-very distinctly pointed to the running and jumping puppy and said, 'That one!"

We took him home and later that afternoon we were trying to name him. I said, "What about Ned?" Max looked at me like I was crazy and said 'NO!' So then I said something like "how about cookie, or candy?'...every name I suggested was garbage in his mind. I finally said "what about Woody?" (from Toy Story) Woody is Max's favorite character in any movie, he pretends he is Woody and he hauls a Woody doll around all the time-it goes everywhere with us.

Max thought about it for a minute and then said; pointing to himself, "Max is Woody." He looked at me with really big eyes and pointed to the puppy and said "Buzz Lightyear." So we now have a dog named Buzz Lightyear. He has been pretty good the past week, and Max has completely fallen in love with him. They are best buds-so Max thinks.


Shana said...

TOO CUTE!!! Max looks like he is in hog heaven with that little dog.
Alyssa has started to ask for a pet too, and I'm like, "Ummm...maybe after Bella gets a little older?" I don't need two babies in the house to take care of right now. You know?
I'm so mean! :)

Itty-Bitty Portraits said...
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Itty-Bitty Portraits said...

I can't wait to bring the girls over to meet Buzz! The name is priceless, I can't wait until the kids are older and you are out in the yard telling for "Buzz Lightyear!" HILARIOUS!

J to the Nessa said...

Hi Jamie! Glad you found me too! Max is such a cutie. How are you? Boy, I sure wanted to call you about a year ago... I have a hilarious story to tell you sometime if you're bored. You can email me or call if you want,, 307-202-0850. Great to see you blogging! It's addicting. :)