Friday, August 8, 2008

Fishing pictures

Uncle Andy, Daddy and Max

Max-right before he fell in!

Charlie and Max

Max and his cousin Kinley


Itty-Bitty Portraits said...

it's about time! What happened to the cowboy hat? I told brian and he thought that was hilarious that you have a little pirate/cowboy on your hands! When are you going to come and see me??????????

Kim said...

Yeah, you're a blogger. I found you through Tina, hope you don't mind come check ours out when you get a minute.

Shana said...

Yah!!! I'm so glad you got a blog started. Now I can see your cute little family and catch up with you guys more often.
Max has grown SO much since February. Isn't that amazing? He looked like such a big boy fishin' with his daddy.
I miss you guys tons!
We are planning to be home for Christmas this year. We will have to get together.

Oh ya, I made No-bake cookies the other day with Alyssa and she LOVED them. I haven't made them in forever and I thought about that time you and I made them when we were in high school. I won't even admit how much we ate and how we ate them...but you know what I am talking about right? :)