Thursday, September 18, 2008


Last night as we were eating dinner Max was being a goofball as usual, so I thought I would try out a "Knock-knock" joke on him.

Me: "When I say 'knock-knock,' you need to say 'who's there.' Okay?"

Max: "Okay"

Me: "Knock-Knock."

Max: "Open the door."

Me: (between giggles) "No, when I say 'knock-knock' you say 'who's there.' Get it?"

Max: "Okay."

Me: "Knock-knock."

Max: "It's open door."

Me: "Knock-knock."

Max: (pretending to open a door) "Come in Mama, the door open."

I don't think he is quiet ready for the joke just yet...but we were sure having a good laugh!

More giggles:

Sunday mornings our family has "snuggle time." Max climbs in bed with us and we watch cartoons until it is time to start getting ready for church. This last Sunday we were having "snuggle time" when Buzz started crying at the foot of our bed. Max climbed down to play with Buzz-or so we thought. The next thing we hear is "Teamwork Buzz!" We looked over and Max was trying to get Buzz to help him stack up pillows. I believe his goal was to help Buzz climb onto the bed with us. Charlie and I had the giggles all day!


Deena said...

Hey Jamie- Just thought I would say hi and let you know that I get on here about once a week and check you guys out to see how you're doing. Thanks for taking the time to put something up! It really helps us not feel so far away when we can read what's going on in your lives. Hope you're having a great week!


Laurel said...

That is so darn cute!!! He was probably thinking, "Come in, already!" One of my favorite things in the world is watching Griffin with Roxy. That dog is his favorite playmate sometimes.

I love hearing about you and your cute family. It makes being so far away a little easier!