Saturday, September 13, 2008

Beautiful Max

I got out of the shower this morning to hear; "Max is beautiful mama." I turned to see this:
Yes, he got my mascara out and beautified himself. You can't believe how difficult this stuff is to get off once it dries!
It wasn't just on his face-it was on his hands and his pajamas. I haven't found any traces of mascara on my floors or furniture yet.... I am keeping my fingers crossed that I never do.


Laurel said...

And he WAS beautiful!!! What is it with kids and makeup anyway?

Today, in the car I was putting on some lipgloss when Logan asked if she could have some. As she was putting it on in the backseat I heard her brother comment, "Logan! You look like a real lady when you put that on. You are sparkling." So cute!

Shana said...

Seriously! What is it with kids and makeup? Alyssa gets into my makeup ALL THE TIME, and ruins it by the way.
So I got her some of her own, the cheap play makeup, and she LOVES it!

I'm guessing that could not be a solution for you and Max though. :)