Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten!

Max was really excited to start school...right up until the day before school started.  He said to me, "I thought I was supposed to have long vacation?" 
Once he realized that he was going to be in school the next day and be there all day long, he got extremely nervous.  "I don't think I can do this."  "What if I get lost at school?"  "What if I don't know anybody?"  After reassuring him that everything would be fine, he calmed down a little. 

That night we had my wonderful Dad come over to help alleviate some of Max's fears.  He gave Max a 'school year' blessing, and later that night Max was laying in bed when the panic set in, again.  "Mom, I can't feel it working yet."  He knew that asking our Heavenly Father for help would make him feel better and laying there he realized he was still extremely nervous.  Max and I then discussed what we had asked Heavenly Father for in the blessing and that He would help Max...then Max said, "Yep, I can do this!"

He got up the next morning and was ready to go! He was super excited and he was even ready early!  For those of you that know Max you understand that being early was a huge feat in itself! ;)

Kaysie was making sure her Big Brother has everything he needs for school
After dropping Max off Kaysie cried for a good 20 minutes.  After the tears stopped she whined about needing Max until Sesame Street started, then she was okay for a little while.  We sure missed him while he was gone.  Charlie made a comment that my day must have been easier, just having one kid at home.  I don't think that was the case.  Max and Kaysie are close, he helps me with everything during the day...including the entertainment for his 2 year old sister! I really missed him, and I missed him even more when I realized it was a lot harder to get things done with Kaysie following me everywhere!  He is a great kid and an incredible Big Brother.  In fact when I told Kaysie that the two of us would get to be together all day she wailed, "NO!" Sure made me feel good. ;)

The End of the first day...Max and his great friend Easton
Thank goodness for great friends!  I know Max's extremely long day was made easier because he had great friends by his side.

Kaysie was so happy to see Max, she ran to him and gave him the biggest hug!

Max did great!  He loved his first day of school,  and his teacher was "awesome." ("but not as awesome as you mom!") 

I wanted to make his day a little better for him....I remember teaching little kiddos that weren't quite used to going to school all day, after lunch there would always be a few meltdowns...I thought by making Max something neat for lunch it would make him feel special and revive his spirits for the afternoon.  My awesome cousin-in-law found some great ideas for me, and here are my attempts.....
This was part of his lunch the first's two Ferbs, from Phineas and Ferb
Day 2...Phineas


Megan said...

I love the sandwich ideas! You are such a great mom! So glad that Max had a wonderful first day and that he knows he can rely on Heavenly Father! Good luck for a fantastic Kindergarten year!

Megan said...

Haha! I just read your comment on my blog about Nick's shirt! That is a pretty impressive catch! His excuse is that it was free and it happen to also be laundry day at our house! :)
(I actually think living in Utah has made him a little soft... just between you and me!);)

Michelle said...

That first day was hard!! We get blessings every year and I think it really helped Kasen. He kept saying he wasn't going and still has every morning. When it is time to go to school he gets in the car and never says another word. I think he just likes to make me nervous and sweat it out:)

Mark & Shayla said...

You are such a good mom! Hope the rest of Max's year is as exciting as his first day.

Laurel said...

That is a big day! And how cute are you with those lunches?? Way to go mom! I hope his year is fantastic. xoxo

Shana said...

Such cutie pies you have! You definatley get the most exciting and creative lunch box award! My sandwiches look NOTHING like that. I won't be showing this to Alyssa, or else she would expect those everyday! hahaha