Monday, August 15, 2011

US OPEN 2011

Congressional Club House
Bethesda, Maryland

The stands

One of Max's favorites...Sergio Garcia!


The man in front in the white shirt and hat is Padraig Harrington and the guy in the black is Adam Scott

Justin Rose

My brother-Devin and Charlie

Devin and My Dad, Joel

Rory McIlroy, he was the BIG WINNER!


This is how they mow the greens!

A Little Sight Seeing....

The Guys had a great time , they left on a Tuesday and came home Saturday night.  They were able to watch the Pros during a practice round on Wednesday, here is where they were able to take pictures.  Thursday was a day full of sight seeing, they were completely drained from all of the things they tried to pack in...they even hit the Smithsonian after the sight seeing!  Friday they went into the actual tournament.  There were so many people there to watch...apparently it was amazing (I'll take their word for it).  No phones were allowed on the course at all and cameras were only allowed during the practice rounds.  With all the people around, no phones and these three being golf fanatics it wasn't long before they got separated and Dad was lost for a few hours!  He claims he wasn't lost...he ditched Charlie and Devin. 

There are even more pictures of their trip, but they are of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum...I'll need Charlie to tell me what all his pictures are of before I can share them.

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Shana said...

so cool! when I show these pics to Rob, he is gonna be way jealous!
Rob just scored a nice left handed set of golf clubs from a neighbor's garage sale last week for me. He is determined to teach me to play. :)