Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm a slacker!

I have been horrible about blogging lately...but I really feel I have some good reasons for my slacking. 

As this year began I realized that my teaching degree/license was quickly closing in on it's expiration date.  Teachers have to renew their license every 5 years...I am not currently teaching so the expiration date really crept up on me.  To keep the license up to date, teachers need to take 5 college credit hours.  Lucky me, I was a student at Northwest for a couple months! I only took 2 classes, both online-but for those mother's who work or go to school-I have the utmost respect for you.  Like I said I only took 2 classes and they only lasted 2 months, but it was a struggle (trying to take care of kids, the house, laundry and be a good student) I got it done, my new license came in the mail yesterday! WOO HOO! I just need to remember to keep up on my credits...I have till 2016. ;)

Once my classes were done I really wanted to change up my house.  Kaysie seemed to be outgrowing her tiny room by the minute.  I thought I could get Max to move to one of the big rooms downstairs and then move Kaysie into Max's old room.  In order to get Max to the 'really far away' and sometimes 'scary' basement I had to step up my game.  I had to make it the coolest place he'd ever's what I came up with.


I can't find the pictures of the rest of his old room :(


Here is the main wall.  I painted the city (buildings, bridge, etc), but Spider-man and the Hulk are stickers. 

I still need to finish the Bat Signal...we are changing it to the Max Signal.  My Dad-(Max's super hero answer man)- and Max designed Max's own Super Hero Emblem that will go in the signal
There are Super Hero comic books that are framed beside the big poster.  The really neat thing about these comic books is that they were my Dad's.  He let us take a few from his precious collection to add to Max's room.  Thanks Papa!

These are Max's super hero masks



(still not done, I have a little more to finish)
I'm not entirely done with this wall...there are a few things I'd like to add to the netting and I need to find some more pillows for her bed

I still need to change out her light...and I can't seem to find the right drapes for the window 

You can't see them very well in this picture, but there are gems, 'sparkles' that go from Cinderella, up and over the window and down to her castle

The fun thing about this Cinderella sticker is that I wasn't loving it being just flat on the wall so I added some material and jewels to her dress and I love how it turned out!
hey are both enjoying their new rooms.  Max moved right into his room in the 'scarey basement' and never looked back.  He didn't want anyone down there with him to help him get used to it. I get kicked out as soon as our bedtime story is over!


Shana said...

Those rooms look so awesome! Can you come to Oklahoma and decorate Layla's room? Her room needs some serious decor help. I love her crib and bedding, but the rest of the room is just blah! I might steal a few ideas from Kasie's room. LOVE the Cinderella with the dress being real fabric. Such a great idea! Love ya!

Megan said...

So cute! I love the "themed" rooms! What lucky kiddos to have such an amazing and talented mom! Glad you were able to get your re-certification done!

Simply Stephy said...

Would you be offended if I said I hate your guts =) Oh wow! You are so talented. I am very jealous. Those rooms both look great!

Mark & Shayla said...

You are so creative! I love the rooms.

Scotty&Chelsey said...

They are so cute! When we have kids i want you to come decorate their rooms... deal?! lol

Laurel said...

Oh, my, gorgeousness! Come decorate my house please!

Kimberly Lynn said...

Wow! We are moving our girls into the basement when the baby comes and I really should have you come down and decorate their room! You do such an amazing job.