Friday, June 10, 2011

The pacifier is GONE!

Kaysie's been doing pretty well without it...she has had a few meltdowns.  They usually come when she gets tired, but after her wonderful brother takes her mind off it she does really well and forgets all about it (until she gets sleepy again). 

Tuesday, we were at about a day-and-a-half without it... looking back now I am not sure what I was thinking... I took the kids to wal-mart. 

Kaysie started to get tired, it was right around nap time and she knew it!  She started begging me for her 'paci' when a really cute older couple wandered past us.  As the "Grandpa" (my kids called him) walked closer to our cart, Kaysie leaned closer to him and said, "Want Paci," and "Paci plllleeeaaaase!"  She kept repeating those two phrases to him when he looked at me somewhat confused.  I explained to him that she was having pacifier withdrawals.  He smiled as she kept begging him for a pacifier, and he told her "Sorry Sweetheart, I don't have one. I wish I could help you."  As he was calming Kaysie down his sweet wife leaned towards me and said, "don't worry honey, in a few days she won't even remember it."  I loved how sweet and kind these people were to my kiddos.  They were actually a big help too!  Kaysie calmed down and I got my sanity back without giving Kaysie her pacifier. 

Last nap with 'paci'-first nap in the new big girl bed
We are now on day 5 without the pacifier and she's only asked for it once today!