Saturday, November 13, 2010


TCT was sending Charlie to Las Vegas for a training/conference and I didn't want to miss out on all the fun, so I invited myself - bought a plane ticket and off we went.  We were able to leave our little ones with Charlie's Mom and my parents for a few days! Thank you!

We left Friday afternoon and our stay would last through Tuesday evening. I was a little worried about being away from my kids for that long, I haven't left either one of them for that long before! Yikes! Charlie's second worry was what I was going to do all day while he was in meetings...SHOP!

We had a great time and because Calix (company that was hosting conference) was so generous to us we were able to take part in a lot of fun things.  When we arrived Friday night Charlie got a call saying that there were some Garth Brooks tickets not being used and would we be interested in them...Um, YES PLEASE. It's a great show, not really a concert though. He talks throughout the show telling about his life, growing up, why he wrote this song-where it came from, etc. He sings his songs along with the ones that influenced his music. If you have a chance to go see him in this show you really should. It was great. P.S. Mr. Brooks brought Trisha Yearwood out to sing a duet with him which she followed with a solo.
Scott and Bryan (very fun fellow TCT-ers)
Charlie and I waiting for the show to start

Saturday morning Calix hosted a golf tournament for the menfolk, or anyone who wanted to golf.  Anyone who didn't want to golf (the wives) got treated to a day at the Wynn Spa. Yep, you read that right! That was great. My massage was so great that I had to follow my relaxing spa day with a nap! My body was like jello!

Saturday night after dinner at BB Kings House of Blues, Charlie and I headed through town. The last time we were in Vegas I really, really wanted to go to the wax museum and we didn't make it. It was first on my list this time and man I thought it was great! I think my favorite part was that Charlie thought I was a complete idiot... he gets so embarrassed! Did you know that they make these wax figures exactly like the real person using the same body measurements? Let's just say my love for Johnny Depp has faded somewhat.

Charlie refusing to have fun

Wait, he's starting to smile....

There it is! Charlie's having fun! WOO HOO!

Is there anything else in Max's
world besides golf and Spider-man?
These two pictures were taken especially for Max


These guys are a lot bigger than you think!!!

Sunday night after Charlie finished up with his classes Calix got us into the "hottest night club in Vegas" - Tryst. Not only did they get us in, they got great entertainment for us! They hired a group called The Rat Pack. They were great and they sounded so much like the original guys, it was so fun! 
Sorry this pic was taken with a camera phone
Monday I shopped till I dropped. Then I made a stop at Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. I thought that I'd better get some great pictures and souvenirs for my kiddos. I was really missing them! 

When Charlie was done with class, Calix once again got us into another night club. This one was called the Xs Night Club. They fed us a wonderful dinner and then got us into a show called Le Reve. It was a very impressive show...the performers started off on solid ground then it looked as if they were walking on water and before you knew it they were diving from 120 feet in the air into a pool of water. The floor constantly changed throughout the show!

When Tuesday rolled around we were really missing our kids and I think our kids were really missing us! By the time we got to the Vegas airport to head home I already had three messages from Max telling me to hurry up and get home. One message went something like this: "Mom, it's me Max. I really miss you and I love you. Tell the airplane driver to hurry fast to Cowley. I really miss you. I love you. Bye."  All this was said in a very, very sad tear filled voice-which of course made me cry. I couldn't get home fast enough! I should mention that at the end of day 1 we could no longer talk to Kaysie on the phone. The second she heard my voice or Charlie's she'd start crying. They really do love us!
Of course they had so much fun without us, I really don't think they missed us until they talked to us. I also think that by Tuesday Max had had so much fun he was just exhausted and that made him pretty homesick.

Thank you to all our family that helped out with our kids. Now that they have recovered from all the excitement they haven't stopped talking about all the fun things they did with you all! Thanks again!


Megan said...

What a fun trip! I love it when I get to tag along on Nick's business trips! We are heading to Phoenix the second week on Dec... he has to work and I have to shop! ;) Glad it was such a fun get away! Pretty cool that you got into some "high society" events! And I think the Wax Museum looked awesome! A definite stop on my list of things to do when we go to Vegas! Hope to see you next week while we are up there!

Scotty&Chelsey said...

That sounds like a good time you guys had! Scotty and I need to do something like that I have never been to Vegas! Very fun pictures!

Mark & Shayla said...

The massage and the nap were enough to make me jealous. Glad you got to tag along sounds like you guys had a great time.