Thursday, November 4, 2010


Halloween is Max's 'very most favorite holiday' so we got started a little early this year. Max thinks the scarier the fact he really wanted to be a spooky bloody guy this year-but we decided it was in the best interest of his Pre-K classmates that he go as Iron Man instead.  Because Max likes spooky things he has this mask (he's had it since he was about 2!), no it isn't kept with the Halloween costumes - this is an everyday kind of item- this is toy box material.  Anyway...because Max loves Halloween so much he'd been wearing this lovely mask for a few days, until Kaysie got it. Then she wouldn't take it off! The only time it came off of her face was when she put it on Charlie's. 

Max had a great class party, they had lots of great Halloween activities to do and everyone looked so great in their costumes!

Max came home from his class party with a lot of goodies. One item was this great big popcorn ball that he wanted to share with Kaysie... for the next while this is what Kaysie looked like!

Another Halloween favorite for Max is carving pumpkins. This year Papa had one green pumpkin among all the orange in his garden and Max thought that was the neatest thing in the world. He decided he was going to make an Incredible Hulk pumpkin!


Kaysie enjoyed decorating her pumpkin too!
So did Charlie! He thinks he makes a better pumpkin than Max and I do-but this year I think Max and I took the Pumpkin Carving Title from him.

Trick or Treating!!!

 Iron Man, a.k.a. Tony Stark 
A very tired UW Cheerleader

Kaysie got a little excited when she realized we were off to get treats-this little girl loves food! She decided she needed two buckets for the candy!   

Our night came to an end when we hit Nana and Papa's house. My parents had been gone for 3 days and my kids acted like it had been a thousand!
Kaysie and Aunt Lauren ended the great weekend snuggling on the couch...Aunt Bug was tired from all the winning her team did this last weekend-they are the NEW VOLLEYBALL STATE CHAMPIONS!


Michaell & Madison said...

yours kids looked so cute!!! and i loved the Never thought i would say this BUT way to go RMHS!!!! :)

Aubrey said...

What cuties! We love the pumpkins...great idea Max. You don't get a green Hulk pumpkin every year.

Shana said...

That was so neat to hear the Lauren won State Volleyball! Tamara said she went to Casper and watched her play, and she was way impressed with them.
I love the picture of Kasie wearing the scary mask. So funny!
Layla was an OU Cheerleader, so Kasie and her were cheerleader rivals! :)