Sunday, September 5, 2010


Max started preschool this last Tuesday! He was so excited to finally be a "Grizzly Bear," and he couldn't wait to meet all his new friends.  As Kaysie and I dropped him off and said goodbye...he ran off to greet his new classmates and teacher-he did manage to turn and say "see you later" with an over the shoulder-you can leave now Mom-wave.

As my Little Man walked away ready for a whole new adventure, I found that a giant lump was caught in my throat.  I tried to keep it down while telling myself, "he'll be back in a couple of hours," "it's only 4 days a week," "we are only 2 blocks away if he needs us." But those thoughts didn't seem to make my lump go away.  I am sad to say that my Little Man is getting to be not-so-little. That little fact hurts my heart like I can't believe.

I did manage to keep my lump at bay...I don't do public emotion very well. Kaysie was a different story.

Max plays with friends, spends time at his Nana and Papa's and spends countless hours on the course-all without Kaysie.  They have gotten to be great friends and do so much together that I seem to be nonexistent when they are playing. I really thought this time alone with Kaysie would be so fun for us.  Apparently she didn't think would have thought she'd never see him again. I don't know why dropping him off at school was so different from dropping him anywhere else-but she lost it.  She was reaching for him the entire way back to the car.  As I buckled her into her seat she was sobbing-not crying, sobbing. That broken-hearted sob that no mom should ever have to hear. I was trying to calm her down while still struggling with my lump when I decided that I quick trip to Nana's house would be a great fix. By the time we drove a block and got out of the car Kaysie had a tear stained face, complete with tears and a wet shirt. Nana was a big help-she got a little teary when it was time to leave Nana's, so off we went to Papa's office. One candy bar later and all was well with the world.

Kaysie didn't want to let go of Max's
hand as we were heading out the door.

A few short hours later we ventured down to pick Max up from school. Our entire walk home was filled with raves much like these: "Mom that was so great! I love school." "I have a new best friend!" "I have some new girl friends too!" I am glad someone enjoyed those few hours! I am so proud of Max for being such an outgoing person-he makes life seem so easy. When we walked in the door Max had to immediately call his dad on the phone. The only part of the conversation I could hear was, "Dad it was so GREAT, it really was great!"

As our week continued the lump in my throat seemed to get smaller each time we said goodbye and Kaysie's crying has tapered off as well. I am not going to lie, she is still not quiet herself until Max gets home and boy does she celebrate! 

Max we are so proud of you, I hope you enjoy the rest of the year as much as you did this week. Love you!


Laurel said...

That whole post made me smile. I get it, I really do. I find every change with my kids bittersweet. Just knowing that one stage is over puts a lump in my throat. But how much did I love that you got to take Kaysie to Nana's and Papa's. You'll never know how often I wish we could take those walks! What a gift!

Shana said...

So exciting to have the new school right down the street from you! Max looked so grown up with his big backpack! :)
I know all too well about that lump in the throat when you watch your first baby go off to school all day. It is scary to see them go off into the world!