Monday, September 27, 2010

Go Wyo!

A couple of weekends ago we took our long awaited trip to watch the Wyoming Cowboys play football! We planned the trip a few months ago and Max's excitement has been growing and growing since then.  Every night as Max went to bed he asked "Are we going tomorrow?"  Finally the day arrived - we hopped in the car and took the long drive to Laramie.  Luckily we were able to go with some great friends, so our drive flew bye. 

Quiet a few restroom and snack stops later we made it!  The Pokes took on Boise State...I know it was a very sad, sad game.  Even with our horrible loss, Max still seemed to have the time of his life! He was cheering as loud as he could-too bad the Cowboys weren't listening. :(

Oh my heck! The funniest part of the entire trip was after the game.  We decided it would be fun to eat at Godfather's Pizza with the kids.  As we waited the kids found some of those toy vending machines. One of the girls put in a quarter and out came a fake mustache....we made Max put it on. I couldn't stop laughing, it matched the color of his hair exactly! I was laughing so hard I could hardly take the picture!

Looking back on it now, it isn't quiet as funny. Maybe it was because we had been in a car all day long-but it seemed so funny.

Before we headed home the next morning we decided to let the kids go swimming...not sure if that was a good or bad idea. I thought they would be completely exhausted-but they weren't. (I think it recharged them.)  They giggled and played the entire drive home! We had a great time, even though the Cowboys got smoked. 


Scotty & Chelsey said...

That mustache is Hilarious!!!

Megan said...

Oh what fun! Nick was at that game too! Too bad they lost! Oh well... it was kind of expected!:( The mustache really was as funny as you thought it was! It made me actually laugh out loud! Glad it was a fun trip!

Shana said...

YES! That mustache picture is VERY funny! I laughed out loud too! I love how proud he looks to wear it in that 2nd shot of him. HILARIOUS!
Sorry the pokes lost! Rob and I try to check in on there games during the season, and it is always so sad to see them loosing so badly. Oh well! I still love them because they remind me of home.