Monday, September 13, 2010

Family Pictures

This summer went by so fast, we were so busy that we had to bail on our family photo session-without being able to find a time to reschedule...I started to get a little desperate-we haven't had a family photo done since Max was 2 and Kaysie hasn't had professional pictures done since she was a few weeks old! I decided to bug my Dad enough that he would shoot some family photos for us-we had such a fun time-and the best part is it only took 20 minutes, it was just a few blocks from our house AND he made us dinner too!

Here are some (I think he took somewhere around 150 pictures!) of the results:

Thanks DAD! Mom-Thanks too, you were an incredible 'smile maker'!

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Megan said...

Great pictures! Love the one of the kiddos with the kittens! Adorable! It's so fun to see how grown up your little ones are getting! Sounds like a great deal for a photo session... pictures and dinner! Can't bet that!