Friday, July 2, 2010

Things I have learned about Kaysie....

Kaysie loves water! If there is the tiniest drop of water anywhere near her-she's in it. She doesn't care if it is freezing, dirty (mud puddles) or spraying (she likes to be sprayed with the hose!) -she loves being in the water. We cannot put her down after it has rained or she is completely soaked in a matter of seconds.

Kaysie was diggin' the Slip and Slide! After she'd get off she'd stand at the bottom and throw her hands in the air and yell!

Max-not so much.

We were begging Max to go down and only got him to go once-Kaysie on the other hand... Can you see her running back to the top?!

Kaysie adores her big brother! She loves him to pieces and follows him everywhere. Big brother rocks!-he hauled her rocking chair into his room so they could "hang out" and watch a movie together.

He is the greatest big brother ever! He is so careful with her and he makes sure all his little toys are all put away so that she cannot get to them. He does however have a breaking point. The other day he closed her out of his room, much to Kaysie's dramatic despair. I asked him what was going on and he said, "Mom, can I just play alone for a while. Kaysie has been in here all day and I want to play with my little toys." Aww-so sorry buddy. Thanks for all your help Mr. Max.

Kaysie doesn't quiet understand that she is not big enough to do what he does...Gma's your not going to like this next picture-but just so you know, the ladder is always put up when Kaysie is awake. ;)

So I had just left these two in Max's room to get something out of his bathroom (right next to his room) so I couldn't have been gone longer that a second or two when I heard: "Mom! Kaysie is climbing my ladder!" I thought that she'd maybe get up the first step and be stuck. That's when I heard: "MOM! She is almost to the top!" Followed immediately by: "MOM! SHE'S AT THE TOP!" I ran in to find her on the top of Max's bed. Seriously she climbed that in record time! I got her down and she got in trouble but then stupid Mom-I had to show Charlie when he got home...let's just say the ladder stays up during the day.

Kaysie loves fruit, especially grapes. If the fridge is open, even for a second-it doesn't matter where in the house Kaysie is- by the time you close it, she is already in it. I put the grapes on the lowest shelf so Max could get to them when he wanted a snack. Little did I know Kaysie would be in there with both hands and mouth completely full!

Yes, she is in her pj's. Don't judge...we were heading to the tub (that's why there's a top and no bottoms!)

Kaysie with a mouth full of grapes


Jen Hessenthaler said...

She is adorable! That is so funny. Who thought these girls could be so crazy!

Scotty & Chelsey said...

Very cute post! kaysie and max are so adorable!