Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kaysie is 1!

We had a Birthday Girl - we made a cake,
So we had a party!

We sang 'The Birthday Song'
We ate the cake
We opened presents
Loved on our new babies
Rode the new horse

Then we sat back and enjoyed the party

Then we said Good-bye


Emily Asay said...

i can't believe she's one...where did the time go?????

Megan said...

WHAT?! This seems impossible! Happy Birthday Kaysie! What a fun party! Darn, now I want a cupcake! ;) Glad you had a great day!

Mark & Shayla said...

I can't believe she is already one. She is so adorable. Great job on the cake it turned out so cute.

Shana said...

WOW! What a little cutie pie! She looks a lot like you when you were a little girl I think.
The party looked like a smashing good time! Loved the polka dot cake. Let me guess-Cari made that too??? If she did, tell her well done girl!

Jamie said...

Nope...I made the cake myself. If Cari "The Cake Queen" would have made it-it probably would have had some sort of bubble fountain or something really neat and exciting with it!

Scotty & Chelsey said...

Happy late birthday kaysie! cant believe she is already one! love the cake!