Monday, June 14, 2010

Our First Warm Weather Adventure

Memorial Day turned out to be a pretty nice day so we packed up the 4-wheeler with much needed snacks and sodas, dropped Kaysie off with Nana and Aunt Bug-and then we hit the open road.
Max decided he wanted to see the lake first. So we took some back roads and headed to the lake.

Max tends to get a little car sick so along our journey we would stop and pose for pics, or Max's fav...find neat rocks. So here we are on one of said stops. (I am not sure if he really gets sick-or if he just wants to find rocks.)

We finally made it to the lake where Charlie gave Max a Rock Skipping Lesson...Max's never really skipped-they did more of a dive. :)

Can you say TWINS! I love this one!

Max found a great rock

Max teaching me how to Skip Rocks

After Skipping many, many rocks we decided to hit the road once more. We drove up to Devil's Canyon and then back onto some back road leading up to the Pryors.

Snack break!

Max wanted to fish in this pond SO BAD!

We were able to drive up to where the fire had been...not quiet to the Ice Caves (road was closed). Max loved it...he couldn't believe all the burned trees. That is all he could talk about..."Tell me about the fire again." (I think I heard that about a thousand times.) He kept taking pictures of the "poor trees."

Max really wanted to make sure we got some pictures with the burned trees in them. So he and Charlie posed on the 4-wheeler hoping to get some trees in the background.

This picture cracks me up...Max took it of us. He wanted to take our picture-after handing him the camera he said, "Go over there...further. Okay, Dad, hug her or something." I think it turned out pretty nice! Good job Max!

Much to Max's dismay rain clouds were on their way, so we packed it up and headed home. We can't wait to do it again...maybe next time we'll make it past the "poor burned trees."


Megan said...

Oh what fun! I love the picture that Max took of the two love birds! ;) Sounds like a wonderful adventure!
I also have to tell you, the boys and I met a new neighbor the other day and her new born babies name is Max! After Blake found that out he just kept on talking and talking about his best friend, Max who lives in Cowley... it was too cute but it also made me really sad that we now live so far apart! We will be up for Pioneer day... playdate maybe!?!

Shana said...

So much fun! That close up picture of Max and his Daddy is adorable!
They are little twins!