Thursday, October 15, 2009

Game Day!

This is what my family was up to last weekend.

My husband got the kids dressed after I bathed them...Go Redskins! You should have seen the proud Daddy! (I had to put a bow in Kaysie's hair, without it she looked a little like a boy!)

During the game the Redskins started to lose and Max took his jersey off. Charlie was teasing him and trying to get him to put it back on..after a while Max got up and stopped watching the game. Charlie's teasing continued..Charlie finally said, "Max, Kaysie is still watching the game." Max's comeback: "Yeah, cuz she can't walk!" SNAP! I thought I was going to bust my gut I was laughing so hard! In other words if Kaysie could have walked, she would have walked right out of there.

Later in the game the Redskins started to win and my fair weather fan decided he'd put his jersey back on. :)


Scotty and Chelsey said...

too funny they look cute in their jerseys :)

Nick and Megan said...

LOL! He is such a cutie! I love the picture! Kaysie is 100% girl and I love her big bow!!! We miss you guys! Hope to see you on one of our trips back up North!

Tamara said...

Carter wants to know if we are now related to an NFL player. I told him that it doesn't quite work like that, but he is still convinced. He loves his football! I love the pictures of Devin's precious. I can't believe I haven't seen him yet, hopefully at Thanksgiving.

Shana said...

SO CUTE!!! GO REDSKINS! Ummm...I mean GO VIKINGS! (I have to say that because we are a Vikings fan household over here.) :)

Laurel said...

That's so funny! Smartl little guy. And Kaysie is getting soooo big!