Monday, October 26, 2009

Kaysie Jo

Little Miss Kaysie is growing so fast I think I can actually see it! I wanted to share a few of her great highlights....
Kaysie loves, loves, loves eating food! In fact the only way you could possibly understand, (or truly appreciate) her love for food is by watching her eat! She is definitely taking after her Mommy!
Her love of food brings me to my next point:
At Kaysie's four month check up I was told that she is in the 50th percentile for height and 30th for weight. Her stats: 12.1 pounds and 25 inches long! Most of you reading this might not see that as anything spectacular but to us little people it is incredible. Max was never above the 3rd percentile for anything-ever.

A few weeks ago Little Miss started to get her two bottom teeth! I know what you are thinking.."she is only four months old, she can't possibly be getting teeth." Wrong-she got them and they are sharp! My baby girl never, never cries and one Sunday afternoon I could not get her to stop..ta da teeth! Poor thing. Max never hurt when his teeth came through and they came so fast. Kaysie's took a whole week to pop through, and it was pretty painful for her. Isn't it amazing that two people can be so much alike, come from the same place and still be complete opposites? Max and Kaysie seem so much alike and yet everything about them and each milestone has been completely different.

Kaysie loves her brother and is already trying play with him. She doesn't fully understand that she is too little to try crawling. She can't support her body yet, so she tries "worming" or rolling across the floor to catch him.

Like I said she is growing soooo fast!

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Laurel said...

Oh, my. She sounds a lot like my little Lincoln. He's already moving around with ease, and now he's trying to stand up--alone. What???? Don't you just want to push pause for a minute?

ps: Loved your story about Charlie and his boss fishing. Aren't they nuts? Like you said, so much the same and yet sooooo different!