Monday, September 14, 2009

Max's first day of school

You read that right...much to my dismay, my little boy is growing up very quickly. He started preschool this last Friday and will only go twice a week. He thinks it's great-I had a hard day-it was not because he was gone for a few hours, it was because he is actually old enough to be gone to school! Where does the time go? I thought he'd be my little baby forever.

This new adventure in Max's life happened quiet fast. We came to this decision in a little under a week-definitely not enough time for the Mom to adjust!
Here is his picture as he is heading out the door... saying, "I'm going to SCHOOL!" Good Luck Baby-We know you'll be great!

As for our newest baby, she is growing like a weed! She absolutely adores her brother, he can always get her to smile. I am telling you, time flies! I am pretty sure the last three months have been the fastest in my life.


Jamie said...

I can't believe Max is big enough to go to school! My kids keep asking when they are going to see Maxers again. They sure miss him. I can't believe Kaysie is already 3 months old! AHH!! I can't believe I have let that much time go by without coming to see her. Her smile is just so sweet! She is so cute!

Scotty and Chelsey said...

Malarie my little sister always ask's "well hows Max"..."Well were's Max at?" Its cute haha so tell Max Malarie says HI! ;)