Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dreaming of Golf

One night I woke up to Max crying in his bed. I went in to see what was wrong, he was still half asleep. I tried to calm him down and all he kept saying (in a panicked voice) was, "I can't go golfing!" I decided I would try and talk him through the course (like his Papa does) to get him back to his wasn't working-and by this time he is completely hysterical. I thought I better get a golfing expert for some help...I woke Charlie up and sent him in. A little while later Charlie came back into our room -when I asked him what the problem was he said, "He couldn't find his ball."

A few nights ago Max woke me up at about 4:30 -he was very calm, no crying, no I asked him what he was doing up and told him it wasn't time to get up yet. He told me that he couldn't find blankie. So we walked to his room, searched his bed for blankie and tucked him back into bed. As he started drifting back to sleep he said to me, "I need a Seven Iron, Mom." I tried not to giggle and told him we should get him one.

Is is normal to think about golf so much that is takes over your dreams?! What little kid thinks, eats, and dreams golf!? (When I say eat-I mean drink. Max saw a Gatorade/Tiger Woods commercial and now (other than chocolate milk) that is all he wants to drink.)

Max is constantly talking about golf and going to the course with his Papa and his Daddy. My brother has commented in a few of his letters about losing his spot in the "golfing trio" to Max. My Dad came home with a pretty funny story about the course the other day and wanted to share it with Devin, I thought it was pretty good too -so I wanted to share it with you.

"I hear that you are afraid of losing your spot in our golf trio. I want you to know that I have enlisted Max for driving accuracy and putting skills against you and Charlie. Max has already told me that we will beat you guys like a drum. He plays a tough game. He has all the refined skills too. He talks in your back swing, makes fun of your putting stroke when you miss a putt, and never hesitates to tell your friends how often you hit it into the junk. Charlie missed a 4 footer the other day and Max spent the next 15 minutes reminding him; “that was a bad stroke dad.” We were playing with Wade at the time and Wade had a putt of about the same length on the same hole. After he made the put, he said he had never felt such pressure. He was afraid Max would be riding him for the next few holes. Anyway, to make it short; I have simply strengthened my team by adding a stick."


Emily Asay said...

that is hilarious. sometimes i wish stetson's obsessions were a little more "manly." his obsessions are dora and his abc's lol :)

Adrienne and Ryan Mangus said...

Oh my word--TOO CUTE!

Shana said...

HE IS A CHARACTER! Definately like his father...too cute!

Laurel said...

Hilarious!! I can't believe he is so obsessed. Tiger watch out!