Sunday, November 23, 2008


Okay, I really needed to push that nasty kidney stone post down but nothing eventful has been going on in our home.

After reading Madison's blog I realized I should have let everyone know that a vacuum salesmen was out and about. Luckily for me many years ago I was able to witness this sales approach first hand. They gave my mom a wow and dazzle show many years ago and it has never left my memory.

The other day I had put Max down for a nap and decided that it was the perfect time to give Buzz a bath. Now when I give our dog a bath it tends to get pretty messy, so I had taken my sweatshirt off leaving only my very lovely but favorite tank top-the "white trash" kind-in its place. Let me tell you, I was looking great-other than me the only other being that ever sees me in this incredible get-up is my dog. Just after I had gotten Buzz covered with shampoo the door bell rang. I really didn't want to answer it-but our TV was on and it is clearly visible from the front door. I didn't want to offend any one-have them think I was avoiding them or something-so I tried to see who it was. From where I was standing it looked like one of Charlie's co-workers. I figured Charlie sent him over while he was in the neighborhood to borrow another tool or something. I thought that I had better answer it-or deal with a cranky husband later.

After "convincing" Buzz that he is okay and to STAY in the sink, I answer the door. This kid shoves a box of baking soda in my face and asks "Do you use baking soda?" I answer, "Yes, I do" and as he tries to hand it to me I finish by saying "but I don't want yours." At that moment I hear my dog jump from the sink and he rounds the corner to where I am standing-bubbles and all. I grab his towel and wrap him up-so I am standing in the door with a wet, soapy dog-now I am all wet and this kid proceeds to question me. I tell him over and over that "obviously I am very busy right now and it is not a good time." He tells me, "I have just ONE MORE QUESTION for you, my boss has it in the car." I am pretty sure that I gave him a real nasty look that he clearly did not pick up on (that's a guy for you) at that point he turned and ran to his van. He came back up my steps carrying a vacuum.

I lost it! I tried to be as nice as I could while being completely annoyed. I know that everyone has to make a living-but most people use common sense, if someone doesn't want what your selling-LEAVE THEM ALONE! As I see what the box is I proceed to tell him, "My mom has a Kirby and she loves it-but I can't afford it. Thanks." I started to close the door and he steps in a little farther, "This will only take a few minutes of your time." My reply-"As you can see," looking down at my stinking dog, "I don't have a few minutes to spare right now" and I closed the door.

After he left I was a little aggravated but I got over it after venting to my mom. It wasn't until after I had read Madison's blog that I realized his "few minutes of your time" wasn't necessarily the case-it was a two hour demonstration! Like my soapy dog and I could sit through that.

I am sorry I didn't warn anyone sooner. Like I said before, the vacuum they are selling is great-expensive but great. I just didn't get the sales approach, he may need a little training the in common courtesy department.


Kim said...

I can't picture you being mean to anybody :) I was at Tina's on Friday and a guy came to her house and she ran him off, I was laughing. One of the good things about living in Lovell is that salesmen can't come door-to-door. I hope you got buzz all clean

Adrienne and Ryan Mangus said...

Oh my gosh, picturing all that is hilarious!