Monday, October 10, 2011

Panther Homecoming

Charlie's amazingly sweet cousin, Kadi Cooley, asked Max and his cousin Kinley to be the crown bearers for the Powell Panther Homecoming.  Max was so excited...we were a little nervous for him.  The last time he was asked to do something like this he got extremely nervous and posed as hulk for all the pictures.  We didn't live it down for quite a while! ;)

Anyway...he did great! He even found an orange and black tie.  He really wanted to look like a Panther. :)

He seriously looks like his Dad in this picture!!! OH MY HECK!

Max started to get a little nervous...he put his hands in his pockets and pulled out his pockets.  Charlie got him to calm down a bit and all was fine...I am crossing my fingers that isn't the picture in the paper!!!

Thanks Kadi! He had so much fun and it made him feel incredibly cool!

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Annette said...

How fun! He looks SO grown up!! What a cute kid!