Friday, July 8, 2011


Max's first year of T-ball was one we most likely won't ever forget.  It started off with a lot of prodding, Max hasn't ever watched baseball so he was really uneasy about playing.  If it doesn't have anything to do with super heroes or golf, he really isn't that interested.  
Once he was signed up and had a mitt, he was excited...but after he finished up the first practice I thought we'd never see him on the ball field again!  Max has played golf since he could stand up, so his ability to hit a ball is pretty amazing.  It was during this first practice that the coach was giving the kids time to hit and attempt ;) catching.  When Max got up to hit, he smoked it off the tee.  The kids in the outfield were up too close when he hit and the ball came down and hit one of his friends in the leg.  She was hurt and started to cry and Max felt so bad that he started to cry.  I didn't think a lot about it again until we headed to the field for practice number two.  As we got ready to go Max really didn't want to go, he started to get a little anxious.  When we pulled up to the field he was in full on tears and eventually threw up because he was so upset.  We worked through this problem...we had a lot of building confidence work to do.  While trying to get Max back on the field my brother suggested that we have him watch a few baseball movies.  That did the trick!  He was back in the game, with all the "movie moves!"  During one particular game Max walked out of the dugout, rubbed his cleats in the dirt and walked up to the batters box and hit his shoes with the bat. :)

Max had a hard time staying in his own area in the field, so his coach was always following him and putting him back where he needed to be. If we couldn't find Max, we'd just look for his coach and there was Max. During one game in particular we were watching this little dance between Max and his coach when we saw his coach kneeling next to him, talking to him and pointing.  After the game we asked Max what it was they were talking about.  He said, my coach told me "Max. Stay. Right. Here."

Here are a few classic quotes from my son during his games....glad his head was always in the game!

To his coach, during the game:  See my Papa?  That's my papa, right there (pointing).  We're going to the movie Thor after this.  He's taking me to the movie Thor as soon as we're done.

To his coach, during the game:  I'd rather be golfing.

I am so glad Max had great coaches, I know Max gave them a run for their money!  I appreciate the time they spent with these little guys, I know it wasn't easy!


Michelle said...

So I totally missed the bedroom redo post. You are amazing!! Those bedrooms are the best kids rooms I've ever seen. I love, love Max's superhero room...Kasen would love it! You did a great job, thanks for sharing!!

Megan said...

Haha! He is so funny! It's so precious how upset he got when his friend was hurt. What a sweetheart! I'm so bummed that we didn't get a chance to see you and your adorable family over the 4th... our time up there was so quick and packed full with family we didn't get to do much of anything else! Next time we make the trip we should be there with our newest addition! I'm also sorry to hear about your gallbladder! No fun (so I hear)... just glad you are doing better and that your amazing hubby and family were around to help out during your recovery!