Saturday, March 12, 2011

Max and his 4-wheeler

For Christmas Max got a 4-wheeler!  He has loved learning how to ride it- he and Charlie even ride it in the very cold and snowy weather.  Max has always needed someone to ride with him.  Today was a different story, the weather was so nice that all Max wanted to do was drive all by himself...and he did!  He did pretty well too!

Max loved riding through the mud! 

He was doing really well all by himself...until he got a little too close to the house and had to turn around.  I wasn't outside yet, but I heard the hit.  Yep! He hit the house!  Charlie said he wasn't close enough to Max when he saw that Max was trying to turn around and couldn't get to him fast enough to stop him.  Very quickly after that, Charlie decided to carry the ever so handy kill switch.

Here is the end product...he and the 4-wheeler are covered in mud.

Day 2!
Even muddier!!!


Scotty&Chelsey said...

How fun GO MAX!!!

Megan said...

So fun! This makes me miss Cowley and your cute little guy even more! I'm sorry about your house... I'm sure it's the first of several "incidents"! Hopefully I'm wrong! ;)