Friday, March 11, 2011

I have been gone a while...

Since I haven't blogged in almost three months(!), I thought I'd share a few of my favorite events of the last few months. 

One night as Max and I were finishing up our bedtime prayers he started asking me all sorts of questions about Jesus and the Bad Guy (Satan).  One such question was, "Why does the Bad Guy want us to do bad things?"  After a very good and long discussion Max said, "Jesus just needs to get down here and tazer him!"  Heck yeah!  I completely agree-why not?!

One morning Max was over at Hudson's house playing, I called Cari to see if Max was ready to come home and eat.  I could hear him freaking out in the background, he was trying to conjure up a plan so that he could stay longer.  Max and I argued back and forth through Cari for a few minutes, then Cari started laughing.  I asked what he had just said to her, she finally quit laughing long enough to tell me what he had come up with.  "Cari, just tell my Mom your making me something healthy, she likes me to healthy.  Then I can stay here and eat."  Ha ha! Seriously where does he come from?   

As for Kaysie...this girl packed full of attitude! She thinks she rules the house, she especially loves to boss Max around.  Another little one she likes to take charge of is Jaxx.  She has fallen head over heels in love with her new cousin.  She seems to think that she is so much older than he is and tries to take care of him.  Kaysie loves to hold him, wrap him in his blanket, and she loves giving him his pacifier (even when he doesn't want it).  This love for Jaxx has turned Kaysie into a great 'mommy,'  she plays with her baby dolls all the time.  She has one baby doll that she is particularly fond of and it's probably one of the ugliest dolls I have seen.  One night this doll's hand fell off and Kaysie wasn't happy about it, not one bit.  As I sewed the dolls hand back on, Kaysie sat beside me and rubbed her baby's head and every couple seconds she'd lean over and hug her baby.  Kaysie even let out a few sad 'ohs' as she was rubbing her baby's head.  Kaysie couldn't have been happier to have her baby back together.  How cute, right?  I love this girl!  

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Scotty&Chelsey said...

Your kids are too cute Jamie!