Thursday, December 2, 2010

Max Loves ME!

I know that Max loves me and here are a few reasons why...

Not only does he spend a lot of time finding pretty rocks and flowers just for me (You should see my rock collection!) he loves to watch commercials for things to make my day easier.

As I was cooking:
"Mom, do you want me to get you that Perfect Brownie Pan? It cuts them for you and you can't burn the brownies!"

As I was cleaning the toilets:
"Mom you should get those scrubbing guys they do all the work for you. You just put one dot on the inside of the toilet and you can be done!"

As I was loading the diaper bag: 
"Mom for Christmas I want to get you the Kangaroo Bag. No more 'digging or dumping' to find your stuff!"

As we were discussing why there was a bleach stain on the towel. "You could get those square things (tide squares) to throw in the washing machine. They go right in and kill all the germs, then you don't have to use bleach."

Yep, he's got my back and believe it or not there are are even more commercials (according to Max) that are just for me!
He's already watching out for his Momma! Man I love him...he's been a little ornery this week so this was a much needed smile maker!

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Scotty&Chelsey said...

How cute! p.s i have one of those brownie pans it works like a charm :) haha