Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What did you do this summer?

Well the Cooley's...
Danced in the rain

Relaxed...just a little

Took Swimming Lessons
Max can now successfully dunk his head-without freaking out! WOOT!

With Max's new found confidence we spent a lot of time swimming

Spent time with great friends!
Had loads of fun with one great cousin!

Went to the Cabin

Found fresh bear prints!
This bear walked right down the middle of the road!

Had to relax some more

Went Fishing!
My water baby proved to be a giant handful while fishing...we couldn't keep her away from the water! It was ice cold and she wouldn't stop putting her little feet in-I was afraid her toes were going to freeze off.
Played with Nana's new kittensMax is so completely in love with these little things..It almost breaks my heart that we can't have one. (allergies) I said almost-I am so not a cat person!

Found a "pet" toad living in our "waterfall." Max named him Flame-O.

So we now have Flame-O the toad living by our putting green...Yeah, we're pretty lucky. ;)

Believe it or not this is not the end to our summer adventures! We just got home from an awesome camping trip. That great adventure will have to be told later!

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