Friday, April 16, 2010


Max and his Transformer Cake
Yesterday was Max's 4th birthday! I think that he had a great day...from the moment he woke up yesterday morning to the time he went to bed last night (which took a long time to wind down) he was talking about his birthday.
We must be mean parents...we make him wait until the party to open his present from us. He kept freaking all day, "Just tell me what my 'kaprise' is Mom, please!" He managed to hold out and we had a great party with all our family. He loved having his cousins here to help him celebrate, he was so worried about getting enough time to play with them that he didn't want to take a break for cake. Presents however were a different story! Max couldn't wait to dig into those-he got completely spoiled! Thanks!

Max tearing into his presents!
Here is half of the family in attendance

Here's the other half-notice they go all the way to the back wall! There are a few missing from these pics, they seemed to have been hiding.
I busted my Dad and Kaysie polishing off a cupcake. I don't know how many she had-but I think she took a little from everyone!

My parents got Max this awesome Iron Man helmet...My Dad really wanted it for himself! (He is going to kill me for posting this!)

Kaysie was having a great time (I think this was taken after 5 maybe 6 cupcakes!)

Charlie and I got Max a bike. He was so excited about it he talked Charlie into helping him ride it (in the dark) after everyone left

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Michaell & Madison said...

HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!!! looks like you guys had the cake...and love KC smiles!!! got to love those cup cakes :)