Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Max's team colors...

Before I start telling you this story, I want to give you some background first...just so no one gets the wrong idea. ;)

As most of you know, my husband grew up in Powell, which means that he was a Powell Panther. I was a Rocky Mountain Grizzly Bear. Since Max was old enough to talk we would tease him about who was better the Panthers or the Grizzlies. We'd ask him what he was going to be and depending on which parent he wanted to tease he would pick one. As Max has gotten older he has acquired some great friends from Lovell...they are the Bulldogs. So of course we started to tease them about the "stinking Bulldogs." (Just for the record when the Panthers or Bulldogs are not playing the Grizzlies, we love to cheer for them :)

So here it is...
My sister Lauren was playing in a basketball tournament a few weekends ago. We were watching her game over the TV and after a sad loss it was time for Max to go to bed. In his prayer that night he said, "Please help Aunt Bug (that's Lauren) win and not those stinking Bulldogs." As he finished his prayer I had to keep myself from giggling, Lauren's team wasn't even playing or going to be playing the Bulldogs!

The next weekend was State Basketball and we decided to venture down for the tournament. One morning we headed to the games a little while before the Grizzlies were due to play. As we sat and talked to Lauren and her teammates we were watching another game that was being played. This team's colors were blue-not the Bulldogs however. A few minutes into the game I looked over at Max. He was really, really into the game and cheering his hardest. It was at that point that I realized what he was saying..."come on red team, beat those Bulldogs." "Get those stinkin' Bulldogs!"

Apparently our teasing has gone a little too far! On the plus side-Max has taken my side! GO GRIZZ! hehe

Sorry Bulldogs! You can't have him! You either Panthers.

Here's the Goofball!

And here's the other one!


Megan said...

So glad to have an update on you and your family! That story is too cute! Glad to see you are teaching right from wrong, good from bad, and grizzles always trump bulldogs (and panthers too)!
I love the pictures of your self-proclaimed goofballs! I can't believe how much older Kaysie looks... I guess that is what happens when you move away! Tell Max "hi" from Blake! He still talks about him all the time!

Scotty & Chelsey said...

haha i love it! ps max bulldogs are way better ;)

Shana said...

Too Cute! I just knew he was a smart little guy! Plus- who would want to go to any other school when RMMS/RMHS is literally three houses down.
Wouldn't have that been nice when we were in high school Jamie??

Michaell & Madison said...

that is so stinkin cute...and i agree with chelsey on this one...GO BIG BLUE!!! :)

Kylee Conrad said...

that kid kills me! Go Grizz! (even though i was only there for one year). p.s. the baby is flippin adorable-there's no mistakin her for anybody's elses is there?