Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mr. Max

Our Christmas decorations are located on the highest shelf in the garage. In order to retrieve them for use, one must climb a very tall, very high ladder; then pull the huge totes off the shelf and balance them all the way down the ladder. I know what you are thinking-no I did not fall off the ladder...I am not that clumsy. But I did happen to drop one of my precious totes!

As I was pulling one of my Christmas totes from the shelf I realized that I had gotten myself pinned between the tote and the garage door railing. The tote couldn't move because it was wedged between me and the shelf. As I was trying to maneuver myself around the railing and the tote... my Christmas tote slipped from my hands. First it hit the shelf next in line, then it bounced off of some boxes Charlie has stacked up, then into our wheel barrow and onto the cement garage floor! It all seemed to happen in slow motion and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

So there I was standing on top of my ladder looking down at this tote hoping upon hope that there wasn't anything I truly loved in there (nativity scene). Then in the background I hear, "Wow Mom! I closed my eyes for that!" I turned around to see Max standing in doorway, eyes as big as saucers. All I could say was "Me too." Max then followed with: "Good Job, Mom." I thought he was being sarcastic..then he continued "Good job getting those down so fast. That was real fast!" Too funny, thank you Little Man! He always knows when I need him the most. (It wasn't my nativity-and can you believe that only one thing broke! Some wings broke off an angel-SUPER GLUE!)

As I was snuggling Max at bedtime tonight he was asking me questions about living with Heavenly Father before he came here to be my baby. It was so great to have a such a loving and meaningful conversation with him (as meaningful as any conversation can get with a 3 year old). When our conversation ended I climbed out of his bed and I felt good-I was proud that he 'gets it,' it was a good Mom moment for me. Then as I headed out the door I heard, "Mom, why is pee yellow?" WHAT?! Thanks again Max. :) Just when I thought I had you figured out!


Nick and Megan Wilson said...

How cute! Mr. Max is a great "ponderer"! It's fun to hear what really goes through a 3 year old's mind! I'm glad that there wasn't any more damage to your Christmas decorations!

Shana said...

That post was just so cute! Max is too funny!
I hope you guys are having a great holiday season!

Laurel said...

What a cute kid! And, although Max is right, that is a super fast way of getting those totes down, I suggest next year you take it a little slower! :0) Merry Christmas to all the Cooleys! xoxo