Friday, July 31, 2009

My Brother

My Little Brother has been serving a mission for the past two years-we miss him incredibly! In his last email he shared the good news he is coming home....not yet, exactly-but he got his official date of release. We get to see him September 15th! (on Hudson's b-day!) We still have a while, but we can't wait! The boys (Max and Hudson) are really excited to see Uncle Devin. Before Devin left he was very close to each of the boys, not a day went by that he didn't stop by to just "hang" with them. We aren't sure if they really remember him, or if they are going by our stories of him...but they know the words Uncle Devin mean fun!

Here is a picture of the boys now

This is a picture taken of Max, in Utah-dropping Devin off at the MTC
Here is Hudson at Devin's going away party

Devin and Max outside the MTC

The boys have changed quiet a bit since Devin saw them last. Last week in his email he made some comment about how weird it is to see your nephews grow through pictures and how much weirder it is to only know of your niece through pictures and emails. I sent Devin some pictures from the 4th and he said, "it is always crazy to see them! (the boys) I am always like those are not my nephews! but they are! it is so crazy! i cant wait to just hang out with them!" They can't wait either!


Nick and Megan said...

That is so exciting!!! Jef has the same feelings as Devin does! Blake wasn't much older than Max was when Jef left and we had only found out I was pregnant with Kyle the same week as taking Jef to the MTC! So crazy! It will be great to be together again... SOON!!! :)

The Simmons Six said...

I can't wait to see Devin too. He made the right choice to go on a mission but at the end of two years it is great to have them back. I remember when we knew the date the Joel was coming home it seemed so far away and now he has been home for a year.

Emily Asay said...

wow thats so exciting!!! you're going to LOVE seeing him again.:)

Shana said...

YEAH! That is going to be so fun for him to see his nephews again!
I'm sad that I will be missing him by just a few weeks. :( Give him a hug for me.