Friday, October 10, 2008

Boys and Sports!

Everyone that knows my son, knows that he is absolutely obsessed with golf. He loves playing golf, reading golf magazines and watching the Golf Channel- all day long! No cartoons for him! He now has found a love for more than golf.

Max has been able to watch his Aunt "Bug" (Lauren) play volleyball and he thinks that she is the greatest volleyball player in the world. He is so proud of her and can't wait until her next game. He sits and cheers as loud as he can. He will actually give the Golf Channel a break if Lauren's game is replaying on the Rocky Mountain channel.

(Lauren is embarrassed by this pic, she just finished her game and is "sweaty.")

He loves her games so much and behaves so well that we decided to take him to a football game. I still can't tell if this was good or bad-in the long run. He loved the football game! He saw Kyle (Peterson) on the sideline and he was so excited. He kept saying, "There's Kyle, he my cousin-I love him. He a football player." After he oohed and awed over Kyle, Austin Leonhardt came out to get a drink. We pointed him out to Max and he freaked. "Wow! He is BIG!" We told him that Austin is his cousin too and he couldn't believe it. "Austin my cousin, he's a BIG football player." Now all Max wants to do is pretend that he is Austin and Kyle or that he is playing football with Austin and Kyle.

His now favorite phrases are:

"I want to be tall."

"I want to be a tall football player."

"Will you watch me when I am tall?" So ask "What will you do when you are tall?" He always says, "Play football like Austin."

...Poor Austin, we have seen him at a few of Lauren's volleyball games and Max just can't get enough! My son the stalker!

I don't have the heart to break it to him-but he was born to the wrong family if he is hoping to get tall!


Nick and Megan said...

How cute! Blake was so excited to see the pictures of Max... he would look at the computer and point at the screen and say "Max" and then run to the window and point to your house and say "Max house"! So fun!

Shana said...

How cute is he!? Yah, you might want to wait a couple of years before breaking it to him that he probably won't as tall as he is hoping. :) Let him enjoy the dream awhile longer.

Love ya!

PS I can't believe how old Lauren looks. What a beautiful young woman she it.