Friday, April 15, 2011

About Kaysie

Since I am always sharing stories about Max I thought I'd write down a few about Kaysie....

Kaysie loves princesses, and a few weeks ago she fell completely in love with Cinderella. As she sat on my bed watching Cinderella she sang along with all the music, danced along with Cinderella and when Cinderella danced with the prince, I had to be the prince and dance with her. (That's a long dance!) But when Cinderella left the ball and lost her glass slipper Kaysie came unglued! She stood up on the bed and started yelling, "Wait, wait!" over and over. I wasn't sure whether she was upset about Cinderella leaving the prince or because Cinderella left her shoe. Kaysie is a shoe lover! Since then I think we have seen "Rella" over a thousand times.

Another thing Kaysie loves...fingernail polish!  She'll find mine, my sisters or my mom's and run to one of us saying, "Toes, please! Toes, please!  Pretty."  She loves to have her toe nails painted!  She is always wearing her pretty jewelry and the other day she had every finger covered in rings and she had bracelets from her elbows to her wrists.  Her jewelry is still a little too big so she has to walk around with her arms up to keep them on.  As she was walking around the house a ring fell off and landed on the floor.  Kaysie bent down to pick it up and every piece of jewelry she had on slid off...she was pretty perturbed about it and wheeled around and yelled, "BUZZ!" like it was Buzz's fault. 

Kaysie and Buzz.  She loves to bug him so that he'll lick her-but when he does she yells, "OH YUCK!"
Kaysie showing her Daddy her favorite bracelet
The other night I had both the kids in bed, stories read, drinks, and bathroom breaks were all done by 8:00, so I was feeling pretty lucky. 9:00 rolls around and I can still hear Kaysie talking in her room. I didn't want to go in and mess with her so I thought I'd give her a little longer to fall asleep on her own. I wasn't paying attention and sooner rather than later 10:00 came and Kaysie was still talking in her room, so I finally went in to see what was going on. As I opened the door she stood up and handed me her pajama pants and said 'help.' I asked her what she was doing and she replied, 'cause.' She gave me a plain and simple 'cause' the next few times I asked her. Where did 'cause' come from. I started laughing and then Charlie came in to see what all the commotion was about. When he asked her about her pants he got the same answer, 'cause.' After a few more giggles and 'cause's' Kaysie finally said it was her princess. She had been wearing her princess pajamas and wanted her princess baby doll to wear the princess pajamas. She is such a goofball.


Megan said...

She is such a little doll! What fun it must be to have a little girl to share in girly stuff with! Can't wait to see her (and all of you) again!!!
We'll be up in Cowley all next week to visit and for Jef's wedding reception! Hope to see you then!

Jamie said...
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