Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Clear back in February-if you can remember back that far, we went bowling with "Max's Girls." (Max absolutely adores his friends Alex and Brooklyn Walker, he calls them his girls and wants to do something with them constantly.)

Anyway...we had a great time. It was actually Max's first attempt at bowling and he loved it! He even noticed the guy next to us was leaving his leg back-after Max's second turn he even had the "pose" down! I don't know if it was such a good idea to introduce him to another sport-he gets obsessed way to easily.

Here are some pics from our bowling trip.
Max holding the pose-notice the back leg...he'd roll the ball and then watch his leg (not the ball) to make sure it was in the right spot.

Actually this is Max "smiling" for the camera. It looks pretty pained! I can't tell you how many pictures we have that look like this!


Nick and Megan said...

We are going to have to take Blake and Max bowling together! Blake got a little obsessed with it himself... he went the first time at Christmas and is still talking about it! What do you think about playgroup at the bowling alley?! :)

Aubrey said...

That was so much fun! We enjoyed hanging out with you guys this weekend. Thanks for the fun. Ben just can't get enough of the golf simulator. (Thanks a lot Charlie)

Scotty and Chelsey said...

aww hes such a cutie! hey i was going to ask if you cari and lauren would sing a couple songs at our wedding? just seeing because you guys have amazing voices! and if you wanted to play the piano for the ceremony? :) just seeing!

Deena said...

Those are adorable! Thanks for sharing, hope you guys are doing well.